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Top-out tabs for Finish Trim

Permatab was our first solution to the problem of top panel pop-outs. This aluminum fastener is placed onto the last cut panel, crimped onto the vinyl with a Malco SL1 snap lock punch, a Malco SL2 snap lock punch or a Retterer Permatab Crimper; then locked into finish trim (still trim). Permatab forms a permanent lock and allows the panel to float as needed. This excellent aluminum locking device will solve the problem of top panel pop-outs.

Top-Out Solution :

The major cause of call backs in the siding industry is the top panel pop out problem. Save the expense of reinstallation with Permatab.

*** Nails, screws, and caulk are only temporary fixes and are prohibited by your siding manufacturer. Permatabs are east to install, long lasting and cost effective. ***

Proven Product:
Permatabs have been used successfully on hundreds of thousands of jobs and have become the preferred method of attaching the top panel and facia by contractors nationwide. Permatabs save dollars and credibility by eliminating call backs and compaints.
Long Lasting and Effective:
Permatabs are made of aluminum, will not deteriorate, and will last the life of the siding. Permatabs allow the panel to float and adjust to changing weather conditions while keeping the panel permanantly locked and eliminating buckling.
Crafted of Aluminum
Fits all 3/4" Finish Trim
Crimps onto Panels or Facia (not dependent on personal crimping technique)
Crimp with Malco SL1 or SL2 Crimper
Locks into Finish Trim Return
Easy Installation:
Permatabs are easily crimped to the cut edge of the top-out panel or facia at approximately 18-24 inch intervals. The Permatab lip locks in the finish trim return and creates a permanent top-out panel position.
1. Insert Permatab over cut edge of panel or soffit at 18-24" intervals as.
2. Crimp center of Permatab 1/4" into panel or soffit.
3. Snap panel or soffit in finish trim.

We recommend the application of Permatab every 18" to 24". Ask your local distributor for permatab or call us for the location nearest you.

One bag of Permatab contains 100 pieces.